Superintendent's Message: 2017-18 will be our best year yet! (8/22/18)


The underlying intent of Marion Community Schools is to create the Culture and Inspiration to improve Student Learning on a continuous basis.

Students come to our schools to learn in a caring and safe environment. Our schools and classrooms are welcoming and offer new learning challenges, knowledge, and understanding.

Our schools provide learning environments that are meaningful and engaging! And to make this happen, Marion Community Schools’ educators will continually reflect on the quality of our schools and focus our efforts to make our schools even better. In Marion Community Schools, WE BELIEVE that as good as our schools and TEAM members are, we can always get better! Therefore, we will center on student learning and collaborate for continuous improvement, while providing equity and access for all.

With the right motivation and effective measurement of our schoolwork, informed decision making, and a willingness to change, the Marion improvement process will be transformative and life-giving in The Spirit of Truth, Trust & TEAM! ALL-WIN & ALL-TOGETHER, 2017-2018 IS OUR BEST YEAR YET!

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