Superintendent's Message: Plan for making up instructional time lost this winter - 2/7/14

Dear parents and staff members,

This winter weather has been extraordinary. I have not witnessed a winter like this during my adult life. From storms that have knocked out power, to the record-breaking snow fall, to the bitter cold temperatures, we have faced challenges that we have not faced before. We have lost significant and valuable learning time with all the days our schools have been closed or delayed in response to this extraordinary winter weather. But with every Giant challenge comes Giant opportunity!

Early on the morning of Monday, Feb. 17, the Marion Community Schools Board of School Trustees met in a special meeting to approve a plan to make up essential instructional time that has been lost this winter now (before ISTEP+ and IREAD), rather than at the end of the school year.

In general, the plan would add an hour to the school day — moving the start time earlier in the morning, and moving the end time later in the afternoon — starting Monday, Feb. 24, and ending Friday, April 18. Please click the link below for specific details about your school building's alternate schedule.

We know this change will be challenging for our students, families and staff. We will be working cooperatively to make the transition as smooth as possible for all involved. We will work with families to find solutions to scheduling concerns. If you have specific concerns or questions that are not addressed in the release linked below, please contact your school building's office (when they reopen tomorrow).

>> Please click here to read my full letter to parents and staff regarding this change.

>> For more information, including links to your school building's specific schedule during this alternate schedule, click here.