Superintendent's Message: Dr. King an inspiration for us today - 1/21/14

Over the weekend, as the life of Martin Luther King Jr. was celebrated here in Grant County and across the nation, I was able to reflect and gain inspiration. Dr. King's example – and the life he lived – is relevant to our mission here today!

The Who and the What of Dr. King could become the Who and What of a Marion GIANT!

1. Dr. King was mission-focused and others-focused!

2. Dr. King demonstrated the character of a champion!

3. Dr. King grew his capacity; he developed his God-given talents to a standard of excellence!

4. Dr. King was a person of integrity and deep conviction from which he was willing to lead/serve.

5. Dr. King chose to give his ALL – spirit, mind, strength, and life – to contribute to a cause that 
   was greater than himself! Dr. King chose to be mission-focused and others-focused!

I am thankful and proud to be a part of our Marion Community Schools TEAM. May we as a TEAM choose to make 2014 the best possible for our students, our community, and our future, and as Dr. Martin Luther King, leave a legacy of love and best possible in the lives of others!