Superintendent's Message: A big cheer for ISTEP results - 10/1/13

7 Weeks and Counting - This Year is Flying By!

Seven weeks into this academic year, I want you to know how appreciative I am of our staff, students, and greater Marion school community!

I am enjoying getting into our classrooms and schools and attending extra-curricular events. We have highly capable and devoted professionals who care for our students!

I am increasingly proud of our TEAM, and here are a few reasons why:

1. The culture of student-friendly and student-centered learning being we are creating. RELATIONSHIPS + relevant lessons/learning = positive RESULTS!

2. Our staff members grow the extra-mile to make our students feel welcome, wanted and special. They transmit confidence and courage into the hearts and minds of our students. 

3. Our staff members professionally prepare and are intentional in designing relevant lessons that purposefully engage the hearts and minds of our students so they are doing to learn and thus maximizing learning time!

4. Our staff members model the way, provide ongoing performance feedback and right coaching, and they encourage the hearts of our students!

A big celebration point: We had breakthrough growth on the Spring 2013 ISTEP+!

I am thankful for the 2012-13 Marion Community Schools TEAM. The scores released recently show that very grade level group (grades 3 through 8) made gains in English/language arts and Math with one exception. (As a group, 2012-13 fifth-grade English passage rate slipped a bit from the same group’s fourth grade level in 2011-12).

This widespread progress is worth shouting about! Way to Grow TEAM Marion! Thank you, and let's build on this momentum!

>> You can take a closer look at ISTEP+ results via the links below:
  • To read our full news release, click here.
  • To flip through the slides presented at the Sept. 25, 2013, meeting of the MCS School Board, click here.